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How to divide the function of children's playground

Date:2020-02-24 09:54:49 Views:1239

Functional division is very necessary for an indoor children's amusement park to plan the interior reasonably. A reasonable planning can bring unexpected effects to an indoor children's amusement park. For functional zoning, we think that it can be done from the following Considerations.

1.Leisure area


The area of this area can account for 20% of the total area of the children's playground. For parents to easily see the children in each area play, try to set it in the middle of other areas, place tables and chairs, so that parents can observe the children's play, and can simply do something Things that do not affect children's fun and can look at children.


2. Indoor play area


The play area is formed separately and is surrounded by a safety net and the main frame. It contains dozens of items that can exercise children's physical strength, coordination and intelligence, such as drilling holes, wooden bridges, boxing bags, spiders, etc .; where children can play Some small and various competitions.


Indoor amusement can cultivate children's independent personality, exercise, brain health, and stimulate children's aggressive spirit and courage to overcome difficulties. It is beneficial for children to give full play to their vitality and imagination, while having fun, the body is aerobic endurance calcination to meet the psychological requirements of children who are brave in adventure.


3. Electric zone


The children's electric zone is a very popular amusement project. The electric zone can cultivate children's hands-on ability, observation ability, direction discrimination ability, and ability to respond to obstacles. It can allow children to exercise and strengthen their bodies during play The role of physique.


4. Expansion training


Children's expansion training is designed based on the characteristics of children, and forms a new-generation children's activity center that integrates amusement, sports, intelligence, and fitness through a scientific three-dimensional combination.


The vast majority of children like drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping, and shaking, and most of this kind of children's expansion training consists of traversal projects. It is set up in a vertical space and builds a variety of difficulties. Exciting levels allow children to experience high-altitude climbing, feel the excitement of crossing obstacles, and to hone children's will, challenge themselves, stimulate potential, and enhance self-confidence; mainly suitable for children aged 4-15 years.


Children's outreach training is to use the senses to shape the child's character, cultivate children to be guided by gratitude education, independence and collective honor, and improve children's attention, adaptability, ability to communicate with others and teamwork.

 Child development is the product of the perfect combination of sports, entertainment and education, and is a healthy gas station that promotes the development of children's physical fitness and intelligence.


5. Early childhood course

Create a "learning" mode in children's parks, let children take learning as an interest in children's parks, and win parents' favor with puzzles.

For example, let cartoon puppets act as teachers, interact closely with children, and impart early education knowledge; continue to introduce special courses and introduce the world's scientific and innovative education concepts to allow children to strengthen their knowledge through entertainment.


6.Dining area

The dining area is to provide visitors with favorite desserts, drinks, ice cream and other foods when they are tired of playing, and increase their stay time; at the same time, they can observe the movement of the device during the break, discover the next game goal, and increase the potential for secondary consumption.