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Four prime time for indoor children's playground

Date:2020-02-26 02:27:30 Views:1437

How to run a children's playground depends on how you have done it in these time periods.

1. Opening

The opening of a children's playground is equivalent to a person's marrying stage. This is the most important period of the park. The opening of a store is the first step in the development of a children's playground. It is also a key step in laying a good foundation for the park. Make use of it, the shop is ready, and it can gather a lot of popularity in a short time. The operator must try every means to publicize the news of opening, such as the opening time of the park, the opening address, and the opening discount activities. On the day of opening, parents can bring their children to the store to experience the activity for free, which can leave a good impression on consumers.

Opening is a core step in the strategic development of the park. The operators have worked hard these days, do a good job of propaganda, clean up the stores, everything must be arranged properly, serve with heart, and welcome customers with a new look.

2. Weekend

Weekends are relatively easy and enjoyable moments. Parents have a rest and children have a holiday. It ’s the time to go shopping and play. If there is a children's playground in the supermarket or mall, parents take their children to the weekend to go to the children's playground. The joy of playing during a busy week of study relieved the pressure, and parents can take a break from shopping and relieve the pressure of work.

Children's parks must take safety, health and management measures on weekends. They can appropriately launch some preferential activities and organize some entertainment lottery programs, such as parent-child activities, so that parents and children can enjoy returning and then recycle consumption.

3. Winter and summer vacations

Winter and summer vacations have 4 months, accounting for one-third of the year, so the owner must grasp this golden time, as the most abundant time of the year, if the business is bleak even during the winter and summer vacations, then it is impossible Operators should reflect on it and improve the experience management model. The experience of winter and summer vacations should not be more popular than holidays and weekends, but at least better than other time periods, so that annual profits can increase.

4. Holidays

The holidays throughout the year add up to more than 20 days. If these 20 days are done well, the profits will not be small. The business profits of holidays are about 3-5 times more than usual. Children's Paradise is the most popular and profitable prime time. With good service, the operating profit is naturally high.

Divided into one day, the golden business hours of each day are 9-11 am and 6-10 pm respectively. If children's parks want to achieve high profits for a long time, they must make good use of prime time, do good service, and do good operation management. , Do a good job of promotion.

Seize the above several time periods, plus the usual management of the store, I believe that this year's turnover will be very good.