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How to decorate indoor children's playground?

Date:2020-02-28 09:16:41 Views:1347

Open an indoor children's playground. After choosing the venue, it ’s time to consider the decoration. Decoration is also a very labor-intensive task. Although different operators pay different attention to the decoration and invest funds, they can have More popularity, long-term sustainable profit, we must pay attention to shop decoration. According to the survey, most customers enter the store because they are attracted by the environment of the store. Some people have to enter the store before they can trigger the consumption of customers. Like many potential customers, tourists do n’t like this kind of decoration. , There is no possibility of spending in the store.

First-Clear theme

The indoor children's park must first clarify the theme style. There are several children's park styles to choose from, such as colorful theme, castle theme, marine theme, forest theme, Kanen theme, candy theme, etc. Before the renovation, it is necessary to investigate the local situation to determine which type the children prefer, so as to determine the theme style of the park.

Second-Bright colors

The design of the children's park is based on bright colors, and the pillars are also packed with colors. As we all know, children's first perception of color is very strong. The periphery is matched with two colors with higher chroma, green and yellow. The interior is equipped with red, pink, yellow, blue and other light-colored series colors. As a whole, it gives a fresh and natural atmosphere. Designing the children's space colorfully is not only suitable for children's naive psychology, attracting their attention for the first time, but also the bright colors will be filled with hope and vitality, making the park look healthier.


With the progress of society, parents have gradually realized the importance of early education, and the new children's playgrounds are all entertaining, which just happens to be the best learning playground for children's intelligence. Therefore, every area and location of the entertaining children's playground will emphasize the functions and goals of the children's playground, especially the color and hue, and it should also cater to the children's aesthetics.


1. The interior decoration is concise, highlighting the key points;

2. There are image walls, bar counters, shoe cabinets, cashier counters, gift showcases;

3. The exterior of the door should be mainly decorated to reflect the advertising effect and image (similar to the style of a museum);

4. Multi-purpose general nameplate (pursuing materials), durable materials should be used (durable, safe, tasteful and easy to take care of);

5. The location of the bathroom should be the focus, and the storeroom and office should not be underestimated;

6. Pay attention to the division of the play area;

7. Pay attention to the fire escape channel, safety door, and the wide surroundings of the equipment not to be blocked by debris.

Not only based on the location of the children's playground venue, but also based on the local culture, market and consumer groups to make a decoration plan, comprehensive consideration of these factors, can not only reflect their own ideas, attract the attention of players, but also in line with the culture of the local market.

Children's playground venue decoration should keep in mind that the actual needs of the site are the main and the layout is reasonable. It must consider the overall effect and reflect its own characteristics, and spend energy on the decoration design instead of wasting money on decoration. The decoration effect of the children's playground is very important. Different decoration styles can enhance the taste of the children's playground, and it can also attract the attention of children, so it must be carefully considered.