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How to choose Indoor Playground Equipment

Date:2020-02-22 10:25:25 Views:1250

Children's play equipment is indispensable for opening a children's playground, but it is still unfamiliar to those who are new to children's playground. Today, let's talk about the potential characteristics of qualified children's playground equipment. I believe you will have more gains after watching it. Nowadays, there are more and more types of children's amusement equipment, but how do we identify which amusement equipment is more suitable for playing when choosing amusement equipment? What characteristics should a good amusement equipment have?

1. Good Quality of Indoor Playground

Quality directly affects the choice and use of investors. If you only focus on the appearance of the equipment and ignore the quality of the equipment, it will directly affect the later use. First of all, we must know whether the selected equipment manufacturer has the testing and identification of the quality inspection department and whether there is a product quality certificate. Investigate whether the quality meets international standards for material safety appraisal and ensure that the equipment is safe and environmentally friendly. The quality inspection of equipment must be strictly controlled. Children's play equipment is the core of the whole park. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality equipment, which is related to the safety of children and the brand reputation of children's playground.

There are many types of materials for children's play equipment, and the properties of different materials are different. Some materials that are not too healthy can adversely affect children's health, so we must understand the impact of different materials on children's health and protect children's health. For example, a good rubber material is non-toxic, but some children's play equipment made of inferior rubber will cause great harm; when buying amusement equipment made of rubber, you must buy equipment produced by regular manufacturers, and Equipment with national qualification for quality inspection is required. Similarly, the requirements for the processing technology of children's amusement equipment made of metal are very important. If the processing is not good, hard edges and corners will appear, which will cause great harm to the safety of children.

2. For All Ages Playground

Children's entertainment facilities should be different due to different ages and abilities of children. The toys that children like to play are that they can operate. It is too difficult to make children frustrated, too simple and boring. Therefore, it should be purchased according to the age mark on the toy, but if the child has better operation ability than ordinary children of the same age, it can purchase a more difficult toy.

For example, children under the age of two generally cannot speak clearly, walk steadily, and lack a sense of self-protection. They can choose building blocks, picture books, and pronunciation dolls, which can stimulate children to talk; while children aged 3 to 6 are more active, they You can choose slides, climbing, children's amusement parks and other facilities; children 6 to 12 years old can choose intellectual games, such as expanding the park, adventure facilities and the like.

3. Educational equipment

The simple play function can only meet the needs of children in a short period of time, but it can not retain customers and parents' needs for children's education. The educational children's playground equipment is highly variable, can attract and retain children, and can also satisfy parents' needs for children's education.

In addition to choosing children's playground equipment with intellectual properties, investors also need to pay attention to the full use of the intellectual properties of amusement equipment to achieve their goals. If the equipment is simply placed there, the intellectual properties cannot be exerted, otherwise this is A waste of facilities.