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How to maintain the safety of your park?

Date:2020-02-25 10:34:17 Views:1349

In recent years, children's amusement equipment has become more and more popular, and the types of equipment have become more and more diversified. They are loved by children and parents, but there are still many children's playground accidents. Therefore, parents should choose to be qualified when accompanied by their children. At the same time, the park should also take sufficient safety measures to prevent problems before they occur.

First, equipment quality and safety

The purchase of equipment is the first level of safety. When purchasing amusement equipment, the quality of the equipment must be strictly monitored. Regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment is also very important and cannot be ignored.

For example, equipment should be inspected every day, and professionals should be required to conduct more rigorous monthly and annual inspections. Equipment that has reached the end of life standards should be stopped immediately and regular safety drills conducted. Because the child's safety awareness is very weak and it is very easy to be injured during play, the protection of the venue should also be adequate. For example, a protective fence can be installed on the periphery of the equipment, and the floor can be covered with cushions, which can reduce the injury rate To the lowest.

Second, post a warning reminder of indoor playground

The equipment shall be affixed or hanged with a warning sign, indicating the age, height, physical condition of children suitable for play, and the type of history of those who are prohibited from playing, and the safety index, stimulation degree and maintenance of the equipment shall be displayed in a conspicuous place. Staff should be arranged at the venue to strictly guard the children's height, weight and age, and explain the basic situation of the equipment to the parents, so that they can judge whether the children are suitable for playing the equipment.

Third, operational aspects of indoor playground

1. It is understood that the safety of many amusement equipment is actually caused by improper operation. For example, the on-site operators did not strictly check whether the tourist seat belts were fastened before opening the amusement facilities. For example, before the amusement equipment is started, a comprehensive inspection of the amusement equipment is not performed, and it is found that the equipment itself has a fault. Only when the operators pay enough attention to these situations can strict implementation of safety regulations and procedures reduce the incidence of safety accidents to a low level.

2. The crowd at the children's amusement park was too crowded. Crowded people will exceed the load limit of amusement equipment, which will easily cause safety accidents. Therefore, operators should be careful not to control the number of gamers because of interest-driven reasons.

3. The operator must strictly control the quality of the amusement facilities he owns. Strict selection of the qualifications of amusement equipment manufacturers, materials used in amusement equipment, etc.

Forth, staff have received safety training

The venue staff needs to be rigorous. When there is a problem with the venue or equipment, you should immediately stop playing and deal with it. You must evaluate the physical and mental conditions of the tourists and patiently persuade the unsuitable players to safely leave the equipment. Workers should be trained in relevant skills before taking up their posts, such as equipment debugging and control, and basic first-aid means. Only after passing the assessment can they be qualified for the job.

Based on the above viewpoints, qualified children's parks can only take parents to rest assured that they can take their children to play, and children's parks can go longer.

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