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FAQ for indoor playground

Date:2018-01-03 10:10:12 Views:2742

1. How do I get started?

Simply call one of our sales staffs today. We’ll make your job easier by helping determine the best equipment fit for your business or organization. We’ll provide you with samples, pricing and great advice to help you get going.

2. How do I find a suitable building for my indoor play centre?

Send any potential buildings you consider through to us and we will advise on the appropriateness of the building. We will consider a range of factors including building dimensions and building height, car parking, local catchment, planning change of use potential.

3. How much will it cost to start an indoor play centre?

As a general guide, indoor play centres will cost broadly $13,500 to set up a 100sqm (1076 sq ft) unit. We will help you to design the optimum layout for your building and will design your play equipment to suit your building characteristics, your play preference and your play budget.

4. What is the standard floor height? What is the limit for the height?

The standard floor height is 1.4m. We advise 5 floors the maximum and the minimum ceiling height not less than 2.5m.

5. What themes do you have for indoor play center?  

We have Classic, Jungle, Ocean, Candy, Pirateship, Castle, etc. We could also offer custom theme according to your requirements.

6. What is the age range for indoor play center?

Generally the indoor play center is divided into Main Play Zone and Toddler Zone, considering the motor skills of different ages and the safety during play. The Main Play Zone is for 3-12 years old and Toddler Zone for 1-3 years old.

7. How long does it take to manufacture a playground?

Production schedules vary depending on the size and complexity of the equipment. However, a general rule of thumb is approximately 15-25 days from the contract date. We will work with you on a schedule that best meets your business needs and we’ll guarantee the installation date.

8. Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?  

Yes. The installation is an issue of common concern for building indoor play center, that’s why our engineers and designers devote lots of time to improving the installation manual. Now together with installation video, the manual is detailed enough for our clients to install accordingly step by step. And our team is always ready to help solve any problem you encounter during the installation till it’s completed successfully.

9. Does your equipment meet safety regulations?

Yes, we design and manufacture all of our equipment to meet TUV standards for Indoor Soft Playgrounds.

10. Do you offer installation service outside China?

We will provide detailed and professional instruction manuals for you. And yes, we can send our installation engineer to work with your teams. The cost of installation service includes the daily salary of the engineer ($110 per day), round-trip tickets, accommodation, etc.

11. Is maintenance required?

Under normal use and conditions our playgrounds require only scheduled cleaning and inspections. After your equipment is installed, a maintenance manual that contains cleaning and maintenance instructions and schedules will also be provided.

12. Is an Liben Playground covered by Warranty?

Yes, we offers a full warranty on all of our Playgrounds and Installations.