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How to choose the location of indoor children's playground

Date:2020-03-02 10:16:25 Views:1283

As we all know, today's indoor children's paradise is a paradise for children. Whenever parents take a break or holiday, they will take their children to play in these places. Therefore, it is also a lot of investors want to enter the industry, investing in this shop The key question is also a problem that plagues many novices, so if you want to open an indoor children's amusement park now, how can you choose the right business location?

1. Population density:

Stable and huge passenger flow is the guarantee of making money. To make money, children's parks need to be located in places with high population density.

For example: near large communities, kindergartens and other places, where shops are opened, parents play with their children more frequently, and business is easier to do.

Areas with reduced and slower population growth are not optional. For example, newly developed areas started with fewer residents and smaller populations. Without more migrants, they are definitely not suitable for becoming a store.

2. Frequency of commercial activities:

Commercial activities are frequent and the target audience is dense. Such areas are usually commercial centers, downtown areas, and frequent commercial activities.

High-end, good shopping malls are generally popular. Of course, rents are relatively expensive, but the difference in passenger flow is large and the turnover rate is high.

3. Traffic location:

Shops are located near major stations, subway stations, or on the street, and it is more advantageous to choose which side within 20 minutes of walking. It is necessary to observe the pedestrian flow on both sides of the road, with the pedestrian side being the best.

Insufficient traffic at both ends of the shopping street will also affect the future development of the store.

4. Economies of scale:

The same industrial agglomeration area, forming a certain industrial scale, will produce agglomeration effects, and the development of each industry can be promoted from economies of scale.

Similar shops in children's parks refer to trade entities related to children, such as mother-baby stores and children's clothing stores. Parents are always happy to take their children to the children's playground to relax after buying the goods. Opening a store in such an area can easily attract customers.

5. Urban and rural planning:

Before investigating the site, understand the local urban and rural planning situation, and avoid opening stores in the danger zone of easy demolition

When renting, you must also investigate the use of the house, such as the quality of the house, whether the owner has property rights or other debt disputes.

If these problems exist in the venue, it must not be used as the address of a children's playground franchise store, otherwise the investment may fall into endless disputes, making the operation of the children's playground difficult.

Nowadays, the city's business districts and streets have different elements and different customer positioning. When the indoor children's park chooses a store location, it must also determine the store address based on the customer's positioning and selection. The location of the site should be coordinated with the positioning of the brand, not afraid to go with the opponent, and even unite with the opponent to work together to create a market.