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How Much Does It Cost To Invest In A Soft Play, To Give You Advice?

Date:2021-05-07 05:28:23 Views:2638

The number of soft  play in the city is increasing, many small and medium-sized investors also want to enter the market a share of the pie, how much money do you need to invest in soft  play? It has become a troubling issue, this article through the different size of the operational premises to analyze, to bring you professional advice.

The text contains the following content.

1, mini venue

2, small soft play

3, large operating institutions

4, soft treasure park

First, the mini arena

How much does it cost to invest in a soft  play? Field covers an area, how much equipment, how many people are employed, are dominated by the amount of investment, now there is a class of mini-type venues by the small and medium-sized funds are strongly sought after, in the community around the area of a few dozen square meters can operate, some equipment will be able to take care of the needs of the neighborhood, small investment and quick results, generally more than 100,000 yuan can open for business, and less than 300 square meters of business area does not require fire approval. Greatly reduced the threshold.

Second, the small soft play

In the small-scale supermarket chains outside, people can always see small operating venues, refers to the equipment does not exceed 15 units, employing no more than 6 people, operating area of 100 square meters below the small venues, this size of the venue investment of 400,000 up and down.

Thirdly, large business establishments

Commercial areas, busy locations, popular shopping malls, investment of more than one million scale, equipment of not less than 30 units, divided into large and small, employees of not less than 15, operating area of not less than 300 square meters is known as large soft fortress, although the investment is large, but with the flow of people resources, or can quickly return, the game variety is more abundant.

Fourth, soft treasure park

This kind of operational institutions indoor and outdoor exist, generally opened in remote areas, there are certain commuting costs, the total number of equipment from dozens to hundreds of units, both non-powered, but also electric or pneumatic, employing staff from dozens to hundreds of people, is the most complete soft of children's amusement facilities provider, investment in millions of yuan up and down, some large cities may reach tens of millions.

How much does it cost to invest in a soft  play? After the above classification analysis, I believe you have the answer in your mind, as the industry continues to specialize today, the market has also begun to subdivide, investors can choose to invest according to their own strength, interest and regional business potential, children's amusement business is profitable, the maximum revitalization of funds, to solve the tax and employment, the government has also given many preferential measures over the years, the equipment manufacturers The government has also given many incentives over the years and equipment manufacturers have been working hard to develop new products to meet this market demand.