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New modules in indoor amusement park

Date:2019-07-16 03:27:04 Views:441

Recent month we launch some new products, pls see attached pic and details.

Fluorescent trampoline

Min size: 25sqm Min height:5m

The PVC cover of soft padding are fluorescent, when UV light shining upon the soft padding will glowing in dark. We have 6 color for your choice.

Ball Climbing

The size of it are customized, but the min size need 30 sqm, the min height need 6m.

When climbing must wear the descent control device to keep safe.

Freefall Tower

The min height need 5m

The platform will open, people who stand there will fall to the foam pit.

Interactive tap fun

The min size need 15 sqm. Min height 5m

It is a competition of 2 person, in certian time which one got more goal were the winner.

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