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How to build an amusement park

Date:2017-07-30 12:00:00 Views:1032

How to build an amusement park?

Starting your own indoor playground or trampoline park can be a time consuming process which requires a lot of determination from the entrepreneur. On the way to the opening you might get the feeling that you will not reach the opening day. If you create personal goals and goals for the business before starting the process it will help you to stay motivated.


Not only the process from the start to opening can be a heavy and time consuming process. Important to realize is that owning an indoor playground and trampoline park will not be a 40-hour day job. Most of the time playgrounds are open 7 days a week from 10.00 till 19.00 and Trampoline parks are often open during evenings as well. In the beginning a lot of hours will be handled by the owners themselves.


Next to the many hours you need to invest the project also requires a big commitment from you. In the end you're the face of the organization and the ambassador of your organization. Your enthusiasm needs to motivate your customers and employees to visit and work for you.


Are you ready to realize your dream? Then it's time for the next step!



We recommend you to take a look at existing playgrounds and trampoline parks to see what commercial opportunities offered to you . Moreover, it's helpful to get a general idea of what a playground or trampoline park looks like according to your wishes. After visiting you can also consult with trade organizations to get facts & figures, references and other informations.



We advise you to find the answers to the following questions:

How many indoor playgrounds and/or trampoline parks are there in your area?

How many children live in your area and what does this mean for your target market.

What are the experiences of your competitors?

What form of attractions do your competitors offer and what could make you unique in comparison to them?

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