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Management Rules of Indoor Playground

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Management Rules of Indoor Playground

Management of Indoor Playground

1.AII the managerment personel must beent trained properly before taking the job.

2. Mαnαgerment personel should guide the kids to do some warming-up before the game.
3.Oblique pulley is suitαble for kids from 7-13years old.Kids less thαn 7 yeαrs old should use it with the help of the management personal or their parents.

4.Refer to tip 3, make the other items playeod in order  especiallt when there're many kids.
5.Management should stop kids doing anything against the rules and make them play harmoniously .

6.Encourage those kids who are timid to try something a Iittle αdventurous Iike chαin bridge.

7.Play some Iight music or songs that kids IUce to make them relax and devote themselves to the game.
8.Kids those who are easy to cry should play in parents' company.


1.Mαnagerment personel need to do the cleaning work when the busiess wαs closed.
2.Mαintenαnce personel should check the playing items regularly. αnywhere loosened or damage it must be fixed or replαced ilmmediately to guarantee the safety.

3.Any malfunction occurred when kids αre' playing with some item. Thαt item should not be used nymore until it's fixed

4.Displaying "Notices for Tourist" board in the court.

Reference of what to write on "Notices for Tourist"
1.The playground is for kids from 3-13 years old. Kids less than 4 years old should play in parents' accompany.

2.No sharp gadgets (knife etc) allowed in the playground/

3.No kids fighting in the playground.

4.keep head above the ocean balls when playing with the ball pool.

5.Obey the safety rules in the playground.

6.No head first when playing with slide.

7.No staying too long in the tunnel, otherwise other kids cannot pass.

8. Children must remove their shoes before playing on the equipment in the play area.

10. No food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum are to be taken into play area.

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