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Liben soft play park believes that the standard of planing should serve children as the guideline, and the production of all kinds of activity space, and equipment should meet the certification and activity standard of children’s collective body. For example, there is a significant difference between the height of children and that of adults,some adults can easily block the realization of children with their bodies. Therefore,when designing and planning for soft play park, we strictly pay attention to a series of factors affecting childrens walking, running and climbing in the activity center.

Indoor amusement park has many kinds of production models because of different theme styles. Take the water romantic theme comprehensive soft play parkas an example,it is designed according to the inspiration of ocean world,and it’s a kind of play space based on the color of blue.Three large slide tubes with blue and white colors gives players a healthy and safe spirit. At the same time,sea ball pool is full of the whole playground, which is not only safe but also comfortable.


High Quality Indoor Playground Facilities Ideas

Item No.: LE.BI.A02.18.00

Product Size: 300sqm

Material: Galvanized steel pipes, LLDPE

Age Range: 3-12 years

Capacity: 30-50 person

Apply to: residential community, shopping malls, commercial parks, etc.


1.What’s the size needed for opening an indoor play centre?

Answer:To ensure fun we suggest have a location which more than 200sqm.

2.From design to install need cost how many days?

Answer: It should calculate depend on the size of your space. Usually need cost 15-30 days.

3.How about the installation?

Answer:We have professional installation manuals for your. Also we can send our engineers to help you install the park.

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