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Custom Theme Kids Indoor Playground

Good kids indoor playground is not just a tool for children to play, but a certain educational significance.Through the innovative design of some designers, not only the overall coordination of the patterns and colors on the device,but also the development of children's thinking.Allow them to stimulate their imagination and form the consciousness of independent thinking when they are exposed to fresh and lost.At present, there are more and more kids indoor playground available on the market. There are conventional equipment, electric equipment, water equipment,and high-tech interactive equipment...etc. However,it is most important to choose the appropriate kids indoor playground according to your target group.

Custom Theme Kids Indoor Playground 

Item No.:5.LE.T21.912.260.01

Theme:CUSTOM Theme

Product Size:2980*2530*600cm

1.Plastic part:LLDPE

2.Galvanized Steel,Dia:48mm;

3.Pipe Thickness: 2 mm;

4.PE netting;

5.EVA floor carpet.

Age Range: 3-12 years old

Capacity: 200-250 kids

Apply to: schools, residential community, shopping malls, commercial parks, etc.

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